DRY 6.0

DRY 6.0

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CCH DRY 6.0 is specifically designed to gently push the hair and softly glide through the hair when utilizing dry cutting techniques. Designed with thick curved blades and absolutely zero pull when cutting. Ideal for the creative cutter, not designed for regular cutting. If you are not familiar with dry cutting techniques (slide cutting, back cutting, point cutting, channeling techniques) we recommend checking out our collection ONE wet/dry scissors for all around cutting. 

The CCH DRY 6.0 is a super light specialty scissor that has a five point ergonomic offset handle design to relieve wrist pressure and allow comfort and flexibility while cutting. All around fantastic scissor for everyones kit. 

Transform the way you work with the CCH DRY 6.0 

CCH Artist- Just because it’s a dry cutting scissor doesn't mean you can’t use it on wet hair utilizing your creative cutting techniques. They’re more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules. Be creative and explore your options with your new CCH DRY 6.0 


Valuable high end Japanese cobalt 440-C grade steel

Innovative technology to create art in the palm

Five point ergonomic off set design handle providing maximum comfort

A highly precision bearing system for tension control

Adjustable tension system  

Purity of design

Size 6 inch