Scissor Maintenance 

Wipe shears after every use and clean them at the end of each day.  Chemicals can dull your blades.

Oil shears daily.

Check tension daily and adjust as needed.  If the shear bends hair it usually means that the shear is too loose.  New shears will need adjustment after the first few cuts as the screws and washers set in place.

Keep blades closed when not in use or when setting the shear down.  An open shear exposes the fragile edges to nicks or bends.

Only cut hair.  Any other material can bend or nick the edges.

Store shears in a case.

Check edges for nicks by gently running the tip of your finger nail along the blades.

Service when needed.


CCH Scissors in collaboration with Diamond Sharp Shears.

Precision Sharpening  

1. We inspect your shear for proper set curve, tip, bumper and handle alignment, tension assembly and edge nicks.

2. Your shear is measured using laser technology to determine the correct cutting angle.

3. First water-honing phase produces correct cutting angle to appropriately convex or bevel the outside blade edge.

4. Hand water-honing phase using two different stones.

5. Diamond-polishing process and cutting quality test.

6. Finishing technique to apply final adjustments to ensure smooth cutting action.

7. Feedback – Not everyone likes their shears sharpened the same way. We listen, correct and remember how you like your shears so that you can be sure it’s always finished the same way.

Hairdressers don't just cut and style hair,  they see people, they hear people, and they care about people. At Diamond Sharp Shears, we've taken a page from your book. We are dedicated to providing the best sharpening services and promoting the highest quality scissors we can find.

The Diamond Sharp Service Center will provide you with the highest quality service. 

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